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Preparing for the future

When I was with my ex-husband, Nick, and I had Gavin, his parents purchased life insurance for him. I didn’t understand why at the time. It seemed so morbid to me, preparing for your child’s possible demise. Then when Nick and I split and the policy was allowed to lapse and eventually close altogether, I began to thinking about insurance and life insurance in earnest.

When Rob and I moved in together, he made sure we both had at least a bit of life insurance. Of course, we had our car insurance, renter’s insurance and then the little private policies on the expensive electronics Rob loves so much. But life insurance? What was the deal? I would learn soon enough.

We had some very basic life insurance on each other; in case of something horrible. That way we’d at least have enough for a small service and that was good enough at the time. Then my health made a drastic turn for the worse. One doctor told me I was “24 with the body of an 89-year-old”. Life insurance was going to be next to impossible to get now! They require physicals; Rob and I both knew I wouldn’t pass one. Who wants to cover someone with Fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, GERD and IBS?

Then to make matters even more complicated, we ended up on public assistance again. With public assistance you aren’t permitted to have whole life insurance because you can draw money out against the policy. They view that money as cash. We needed the insurance but we needed to find decent coverage that fit all of our needs. It was a nightmare!

In the end, we manged to get our insurance agent to find something that worked for us and with us. Thank God!

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Taking a Day Trip

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

What better way to get the family together and enjoy a day of fun and bonding then the day trip. There are many exciting places to go right in your own backyard and each state has its own unique appeal. Whether it is a day at the beach, a day at the river, or a day in the mountains, the day trip is the perfect getaway.

It begins like any vacation or trip begins with planning where to go and what the family would enjoy. Next comes the preparation or logistics if you will and these include: taking water and food, the proper clothes, maybe a first-aid kit, cell phone, and a small toolkit in case of a breakdown. The final thing that must be done is to turn on your home security cameras before leaving the house. It might be a good idea to let someone know where you are going and when you plan to be back.

My family loves the mountains and the adventure and beauty they bring. We live in the state of Colorado in the Denver metropolitan area next to the Rocky Mountains. One of our favorite drives is the drive up to Mount Evans. Mount Evans is one of the fourteeners (mountains with peaks towering over 14,000 feet) and the road up to the top of the mountain is one of the more exciting scary drives in the state. The last several miles of the trip the road narrows to where you can look on either side and see nothing but sky. Finally when you get to the top, the view is breathtaking. You can see the entire state of Colorado and Kansas.

New address

In a few days I will have my new, self-hosted blog, my birthday gift from Rob, all set up and this blog will no longer be active. Until then, I’ve arranged for a few guest bloggers to write some blog posts about things pertaining to house/home. Once the new address is up and running I’ll be sure to post again and let you know! Until then, enjoy the guest bloggers. =)