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The flu from Hell

Okay, so yesterday was spent nauseous and queasy. Last night was spent attempting to sleep and praying that I wouldn’t get sick again. This morning was also spent attempting to sleep and praying that I wouldn’t get sick again. Or at the very least, if I did get sick again, that I would make it to the bathroom in time. (I hate not making it to the bathroom in time!)

Imagine my surprise, although really I don’t know why, when I woke up at 1:30p from my…nap?…restless night’s sleep?…to find that my body is now adding insult to injury with a case of full body hives!

I itch like mad!

My Benadryl isn’t taking effect fast enough.

And I declare SHENANIGANS! on this flu!!


The Flu


I suppose I’m sick every day if you care enough to be technical about it. This…is different.

I didn’t feel well yesterday. I was nauseous and queasy for the better part of the day. On top of that, if I moved – at all – I would get horrible stomach cramps. Too bad Rob and I had made plans to take Emmett John and Elliott Richard to see “Toy Story 3” to celebrate Emmett John’s 2nd birthday. Sick or not, I was going!

Everything was moving right along – with me still feeling icky but overall just…eh. Then along came bed time. The witching hour.
The Boys were asleep – after a massive battle on Mr. Emmett John’s part. Gavin would be home soon from visiting Grandma Gene with Pa-Pa. And my tummy was still going strong…in a bad way.

Jump ahead to 12:30a where I lay next to two sleeping angels as I finished my latest article. I was asleep by 1a and awake again by 1:30a.

It was official, I was sick. And while I don’t get sick very often. When I do, look out!

So now all of my plans for this dreary, painful (Thank you crappy weather and equally crappy genetics.)Monday have been decimated. Its all about keeping my germs to myself, sleeping and frequent various trips to the bathroom.

For now, I’m off to get a jump start on the sleeping part…

* posted on the fly w/o the use of proper editing tools 😉 *

~ Lizzeann