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Free Play Banner at Right

So you may have noticed that the banner at right has changed. It no longer has to do with the “Snack that Makes You Smarter”. Now it’s a banner for It’s a gaming site where you get to play for free!

It’s all pretty simple and straight forward.

  • You click the Banner on the Right.
  • That takes you to a Slot Machine type game, which you play.
  • You win points towards “Gift Shop Coupons”.
  • They also ask for a:
  • Username
  • Email address
  • First name
  • Then you click “PLAY FREE” and begin playing.
  • As long as you are a female, age 35 or over and live in the United States of America, I earn 70¢. I know it doesn’t sound like much and realistically it isn’t; however, if enough people click-through and qualify then it will add up. And that “adding up” could make all the difference at some point to my family. (Especially between my mounting medical bills and the gas prices now that we need to get Gavin up to Akron Children’s Hospital at least once a month for his infusions.)

    So yeah, if you could click-through, that would be amazing and we would appreciate it so much! (Or if you want to click one of the Banners below. Either one. 🙂 Thank you so much for your support!)


    Straight Out of the Camera #2

    This one is: Murrieta’s Straight Out of the Camera. The premise is pretty straight forward. I take a picture – straight out of my camera (or camera phone sometimes) and post it without editing. However, I am allowed to crop it as needed. Then I tell whatever I wish about the picture and link back to Murrieta. Easy peasy. =)

    Can you hear me now? This is Elliott Richard during his first ever hearing test at his 4 year-check-up. I just love how the head-phones look huge and out-of-place on his head.

    I know that I’m probably supposed to be trying to grow and improve as a photographer with these but honestly, I’m just picking pictures I like. Pictures I know that I want to showcase on my blog but are likely to get lost in the shuffle of the hundreds I have taken between my cell phone and my digital camera. So while the composition, color, lighting and all other technical aspects are probably off in my photographs; I hope you enjoy them just the same. =)

    My photographs, much like just about everything else on my blog, are taken and shared because I love and enjoy them. I hope you do, too. =)

    With that said, don’t forget to stop by Murrieta’s and join the fun! =)

    Moody Monday

    I seem to be favoring the photo memes at the moment. Today’s is Moody Monday. The premise is simple: I take a picture (either a new picture or one I’ve already taken) and I post it to my blog as long as it fits the mood for the week.

    The theme mood for this week is:


    I chose this picture of Mr. Emmett John because with his Autism he is distant.

    camera: Blackberry CURVE 8330 2MP


    Update to the Update

    I originally wrote this update on the WordPress Application on my BlackBerry hours ago; but WordPress and my phone apparently aren’t speaking to each other at the moment. So I had to email it to myself and post it this way. Sorry for the delay.

    End of Update to the Update

    We’re home! =)

    Emmett John was in and out of the ER in no time at all. They were debating putting him in a trauma room and doing a full trauma work up – blood work, brain scans, the whole kit and caboodle. In the end the doctor opted to check Emmett John out first and go from there since he hadn’t passed out at any point in time and he wasn’t vomiting. Thank God. All of Emmett John’s vital signs were normal. And everything checked out A-okay! =) All told, they were gone maybe an hour tops and Grandma G dropped me off so I was there with Daddy and Mr. Emmett John for the last 10 or 15 minutes or so.

    I’m just relieved that he’s okay. I was so terrified, words don’t adequately describe how I felt. I try later when I can type on my Netbook rather than my Blackberry. (My fingers are cramping up. Lol)

    Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!

    Thank you Grandma G for your help with Elliott Richard and Gavin!

    Below are pictures of the boo-boos. They aren’t very good because Mr. Emmett John is very wiggly. I’ll try to post a more detailed account.

    Update to the Update Part 2
    The pictures will come in a few minutes but not right away. Sorry.

    You can’t see the bruises under his bangs really well.

    Straight Out of the Camera

    Okay, so I have a ton of things I could be blogging about. But I have a bit of writer’s block at the moment. I don’t like to leave my blog empty and vacant so I participate in memes, which are also a great way to make new friends like my bloggy friend Jessica. I met her during the Six Word Saturday meme. But I digress. So I’ve decided to try a few new memes. Most of what I do now are question and answer. I’d like to branch out and try something new.

    This one is: Murrieta’s Straight Out of the Camera. The premise is pretty straight forward. I take a picture – straight out of my camera (or camera phone sometimes) and post it without editing. However, I am allowed to crop it as needed. Then I tell whatever I wish about the picture and link back to Murrieta. Easy peasy. =)

    Uh oh! Rosalie has wandered off in search of food! =)

    Rosalie is 6 weeks old in this picture. I had her a day and she while she was adjusting well emotionally; physically, she was having a much harder time. She was having bouts of diarrhea and couldn’t keep up with cleaning herself. So I had to bathe her. Here she is after a bath, all wrapped up in a hand towel. To give you an idea of how tiny she was (and still is) she barely took up half of the hand towel. As soon as I dried her off and wrapped her up; she fell asleep.

    This picture was taken with:

    camera: Blackberry CURVE 8330 2MP

    Friday Fill-In #6

    Okay, so I’m a day late and a dollar short this week. I can still participate anyway Because. I. Said. So. =) (lol)

    And…here we go!

    1. I was seemingly germ-free yesterday.
    2. I wasn’t thinking and I left my books on my bookshelf for Mr. Emmett John to get into.
    3. Why am I always the one who gets sick?
    4. All of my various worries, which are quite frankly too numerous too list, were in my thoughts today.
    5. One of my father’s favorite sayings was “Here’s a tip: never accept a wooden nickel.”.
    6. Pain–I know that feeling!
    7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to working on my blog, tomorrow my plans include going to see my therapist and taking a nap and Sunday, I want to go to my in-laws for a Mother’s Day Cook-Out!

    If you’d like to participate in Friday Fill-In head on over to Janet’s blog every Friday and jump right on in! =)

    You. Woke. Me. Up.

    7:30am ~ Gavin is just waking up and already in a horrible mood.

    Good morning. Happy Tuesday to you.

    Gavin KetZchup

    This is my life.

    Gavin has an alarm clock. His teachers gave it to him just before Christmas break because they worked on these class projects of “resolutions” of self-improvement before they left for Christmas break. Everyone received an alarm clock to assist them in becoming more independent. They were to begin setting the alarm clock every night so that they can wake up on their own every morning. Thereby removing one thing from our, the parental figures, morning to-do lists.

    Gavin doesn’t remember to set his alarm for school. He’ll remember to set it for the weekend when he wants to wake-up at say 4:00am so that he can draw 50 pictures for his imaginary boss but to set it for 7:00am or even 7:30am for school? Forget it.

    Therefore, Rob or I must wake him for school every weekday. He’s next to impossible to wake-up. (Thank you, genetics. Thank you, ex-husband.) However, our options Monday through Friday are either fight with him to wake him up or allow him to sleep and eventually go to jail for truancy. I’ll take the fight, thank you. This morning this is how my day started:

    6:15am ~  Mr. Emmett John wakes up. He’s grumpy. We go downstairs and begin our morning routine.

    6:30am to 7:00am ~ Somewhere in there Rob wakes up and comes downstairs. I just don’t happen to remember when that happened. I was half-asleep.

    7:30am ~ Rob takes on Gavin. I mean wakes Gavin up. I make myself a cup of instant French Vanilla flavored coffee. I’m slightly more awake. Gavin is also grumpy.

    7:30am to 7:50am ~ Gavin gets ready for school.

    (This involves the following:

    1. Wake up
    2. Get dressed
    3. Brush teeth
    4. Go to the bathroom
    5. Find shoes & Put shoes on
    6. Take morning medications
    7. Put coat on
    8. Grab book bag)

    7:55am ~ Gavin and I leave for school. I take Emmett John along for the ride this morning, just because. As we leave it is obvious that Gavin is in a horrible mood. So being the good mother that I am, I ask him what’s wrong. Here’s the conversation that I was not expecting to have at 8am.

    Me: Gavin, why are you so grumpy?

    Gavin: You. Woke. Me. Up.

    Me: Excuse me?

    Gavin: I said, You. Woke. Me. Up.

    (Now technically, I didn’t wake him up. Rob did. I choose not to argue this particular point with him.)

    Me: Well, you kind of have to go to school today.

    Gavin: I wanted to sleep in and You. Woke. Me. Up.

    Me: Yeah. Well, you have school. You didn’t set your alarm clock. You had to wake up somehow. So yes, we woke you up. Get over it.

    Gavin: I wanted to sleep in. I didn’t want to get up. You. Woke. Me. Up. So I’m grumpy. ARGH!

    (The longer this asinine conversation goes on the more irritated I become.)

    Me: Look! In order for you to sleep in as late as you’d like on a school day you would have to be late. If you are late and/or absent too many times, the police will come looking for me and Daddy. They may even send us to jail. I’m not okay with that just so that you can sleep in.

    Gavin: I try to remember to set my alarm but I forget.

    Me: I thought you had come up with a sign or something at school with Miss S to help you remember to set it.

    Gavin: I still can’t remember.

    Me: I don’t know that it matters anyhow. You either sleep through the alarm, which leaves Daddy and I to turn it off and then wake you up. Or you hit the snooze, which still leaves us to Wake. You. Up.

    (Now, yes, I was getting snippy. I was probably pissing him off and egging him on a bit. I shouldn’t have been. I’m his mother. I’m older. I’m wiser. Ya-hooey ka-blooey. But you know what? Sometimes, as awful as it sounds, I just don’t care. At 7:45-ish in the morning, when he’s being snippy because we dared to wake him for school, I. Don’t. Care. Truth be told, after a few minutes of hearing “You. Woke. Me. Up.” repeatedly; I was exhausted.)

    Gavin: I know! I just want to sleep. I don’t want to get up. I want to sleep. I want to be left along. But You. Woke. Me. Up. ARGH!

    Me: Again, I’m unwilling to go to jail so you can sleep as late as you like!

    Gavin: You. Woke. Me. Up. AH!

    (At this point, he slams his head into his lap and just growls at me from the backseat – terrifing Emmett John.)

    Me: Really?! I mention the police and you’re still stuck on “You. Woke. Me. Up.”??

    Gavin: I’m. Tired.

    (As soon as we reached the school, he jumped out as if I had set his seat on fire.)

    Me: Goodbye, Gavin! I love you! Have a…

    Gavin: Yeah, bye! *SLAM*

    Me: good day.

    8:10am ~ I’m home. I have a raging migraine, which means my day is shot to Hell. I don’t know where any of that came from. I don’t know what to make of it. I’m pretty sure that his day is also shot to Hell.

    PS I did in fact suffer from the “migraine from Hell”, which made my day Hellish. Gavin, however had a “SUPERB DAY” at school. Figures.