The article written by Landon Gilbert

The kids are excited to get new clothing, but never excited to get back to school. We leave early in the morning, it usually takes most of the day. I get them fed and we set theAdt Alarm, then shopping here we come. My kids are older, in high school, and they have to have everything their way. They have to pick out everything. It has to be cool. The supplies are pretty easy to shop for we usually get them at Wal-Mart.

Clothes and shoe shopping is next on our list. They spend hours in Brass Buckle choosing the right look. They have to have everything name brand and with the latest fashion styles. I end up getting them quite a few outfits. My daughter changes her mind so many times trying clothes on. We finally finish finding the right clothes, several hours later. Now it is time for the shoes. They usually get two or three pairs, and we get them at Payless Shoe Store. They always have some kind of Bogo deal that saves us some money. I am so relieved when they finally decide on everything they need. I do not have to worry about this for a while.