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Movin’ On (Round 2)

The time has come.

The time is now.

For me to be packin’ up and movin’ on.


You may remember that for my 30th birthday, which wasn’t at all scary by the way, Rob and our friend Stuart gave me my domain as a gift. (Thanks again guys!) And that my friends, my readers, followers, and family is where you will find all things good, bad and indifferent in the Land of Lizze. From this point hence, please follow the bouncing ball over to! 🙂


(Oh and please excuse the mess over there as I am still working to get things “just right”. Don’t you just love OCD? lol)



This ladies and gents is the new (hopefully someday improved) home of Cheerio Confessions.

We are still the same Cheerio Family some of you have come to know and love and follow. We still face many of the same challenges:

♥ Gavin still has Asperger’s and Bi-Polar, which is an update in and of itself.
♥ Emmett John’s yet-to-be-determined hearing status is still up in the air. His ABR sedation hearing test is scheduled for tomorrow but everyone except Rob is sick so who knows now.
♥ Elliott Richard is…well…he’s still a sweet, adorable Terrorist. He’s just a 4 year old sweet, adorable Terrorist; rather than a 3 year old Terrorist.
♥I still have Fibromyalgia, not that it goes away.
♥ Rob’s back is slowly getting worse but there still isn’t much we can do.

Not to say that we don’t have fun around here. Because we do. We just make our own fun and let’s just say it’s not always your typical brand of fun. 😉 (lol)

Anyway, welcome! Take a look around. I hope to see you around and hear from you soon. 🙂