There are days when Sensory Integration Disorder is the absolute bane of my existance!

In all honesty, I’m being 100% serious here. Emmett John’s unwillingness to wear any clothes what-so-ever 99% of the time aside, Summer is the one time when Sensory Integration Disorder drives me batty. There is absolutely no way for me to tend to all three sensory diets at the same time, which is the only way Rob or I will get any sleep.

Gavin is cold all the time. Even when it’s 99 degrees outside, he’s “cold”. We fight with him over the ceiling fan (“It clicks and I think it’s going to fall.”), the box fan (it hums), the comforter (“I need it!”) and his clothing choices (sweats). If his sweats aren’t available, he’s been known to go around the house – in the summer – wearing his winter coat! He doesn’t even like the windows open – not that we can anyway because it’s a big, ole falling hazard for Gavin who likes to stand in the window.

Elliott Richard is more like your typical kid only he’s hot all the time. It could be -10 degrees outside and he’s hot. He wears coats only because he knows he has to. Heck, he wears clothing period only because he has to and half the time he won’t keep his pants on to save his life. Occassionally, he’ll leave shorts on but more often than not he strips down to his shirt and underpants as long as he’s comfortable in his surroundings. This is how I was as a child.

That brings us to Mr. Emmett John. He is just like Elliott Richard, only worse. If it’s cold, he sweats. Not just a little bit either, buckets of it! If it’s hot, he sweats. If it’s a perfect, cool Spring/Fall day, he sweats. But if you try and cool him down at all – be it with a fan, air conditioner unit or removal of clothing – he will continue to sweat buckets but will get cold. Once he’s cold, he insists on being covered up with a comforter even though he’s still sweating buckets. Emmett John is the one I often leave home without his coat on because I just feel so bad putting a coat on over his clothes when I know he’s already so hot.

As much as I love and cherish all three of my Boys, these disorders – Aspergers/Autism, Sensory Integration Disorder etc – that have spectrums and are never the same way from one child to the next, are seriously getting on my last nerve.

* posted on the fly w/o the use of proper editing tools 😉 *

~ Lizzeann