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Free Play Banner at Right

So you may have noticed that the banner at right has changed. It no longer has to do with the “Snack that Makes You Smarter”. Now it’s a banner for It’s a gaming site where you get to play for free!

It’s all pretty simple and straight forward.

  • You click the Banner on the Right.
  • That takes you to a Slot Machine type game, which you play.
  • You win points towards “Gift Shop Coupons”.
  • They also ask for a:
  • Username
  • Email address
  • First name
  • Then you click “PLAY FREE” and begin playing.
  • As long as you are a female, age 35 or over and live in the United States of America, I earn 70¢. I know it doesn’t sound like much and realistically it isn’t; however, if enough people click-through and qualify then it will add up. And that “adding up” could make all the difference at some point to my family. (Especially between my mounting medical bills and the gas prices now that we need to get Gavin up to Akron Children’s Hospital at least once a month for his infusions.)

    So yeah, if you could click-through, that would be amazing and we would appreciate it so much! (Or if you want to click one of the Banners below. Either one. 🙂 Thank you so much for your support!)


    Elliott Richard’s 1st Alphabet

    Elliott Richard had been working quietly and diligently in the playroom when he came to show me what he had been working on:

    Writing the letters of the alphabet from memory on his Magnadoodle.

    He had 7 or 8 that he had written from memory and he wanted help with the remaining 19 or so. So we sat down and I showed him how to draw his missing letters and then he drew them in, where ever he could find space, which is why they may appear jumbled and out-of-order. I think he did a pretty good job considering we just started working on writing the alphabet not too long ago. =)

    * posted on the fly w/o the use of proper editing tools 😉 *

    ~ Lizzeann

    Straight Out of the Camera #5


    camera: FujiFilm FinePix Z35

    Moody Monday #2: Fresh


    • newly made or obtained
    • new; not previously known, met with, etc.; novel
    • pure, cool, or refreshing
    • not faded, worn, obliterated, etc.

    Front Row (l-r): Uncle Cy, Aunt Sissy, Grandma Gene, Jon

    Middle Row (l-r): Dave, Elliott Richard (held by Aunt Kate), Gavin, Emmett John (held by Aunt Teri)

    Back Row (l-r): Pa-Pa G, Grandma G, Tim, Brian

    Grandma Gene and her family celebrating Grandma’s birthday!

    I chose this family portrait as my representation of “fresh” because Grandma Gene is just that – not faded, worn obliterated. Plus her stories always have a way of refreshing my perspective and view-point.

    camera: FujiFilm FinePix Z35

    If you’d like to join the fun of Moody Monday, head on over to and visit Jan at Murrieta365 to play along.

    Straight Out of the Camera #4

    If you would like to join the fun of Straight Out of the Camera just head on over to Jan’s blog Murrieta365. =)

    These were my flowers given to me by Elliott Richard during one of our many trips to the Park this Spring. While this photo is Straight Out of the Camera I took it with the “Flowers” setting on my camera.

    camera: FujiFilm FinePix Z35

    Straight Out of the Camera #3

    If you would like to join the fun of Straight Out of the Camera just head on over to Jan’s blog Murrieta365. =)

    In honor of Father’s Day, I present to you my Straight Out of the Camera.

    I took this photo during one of our many trips to the local park recently. I just loved how Daddy has both of his Boys and everyone is walking together, rather than running.

    Here’s another one, just because I love it and couldn’t resist posting it. =)

    I just love this photo of the Boys. It’s so rare that Mr. Emmett John slows down for any amount of time; so to see them walking together was its own treat. Then for them to hold hands, which Emmett John initiated, was the icing on the cake.

    camera: FujiFilm FinePix Z35

    Belly buttons

    Elliott Richard: Mommy, are belly buttons a lid to keep the food inside you?