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Brotherly Love

Upon hearing squeals (quickly turning to screams) from Mr. Emmett John, I turned to find the following scene:

{Elliott Richard had Emmett John firmly around the middle.}

Me: Elliott Richard! Let go of your brother! He doesn’t want any lovins right now.

Elliott Richard: But Mom, I just love him so much! {As he throws his arms out until his hands touch behind his back in the “I love you this much!” move.}

* posted on the fly w/o the use of proper editing tools 😉 *

~ Lizzeann


Not Me Monday

I’m late and the list at McMama’s blog will be horribly long but this is too good not to post.

This week I most certainly did not use a tiny cotton tampon (freshly opened!) to apply calamine lotion to Elliott Richard’s “itchies” (otherwise known as bug bites) since we were out of cotton balls. No, Not Me! That would be inappropriate, slightly awkward (in explaining what it is) and totally weird-out Rob. So I most definitely did not do it. 😉

Straight Out of the Camera #5


camera: FujiFilm FinePix Z35


Well, another Twilight Saga movie release night has come and gone without me sitting in the midnight showing. I’m still stuck on Harry Potter Series ticket ordering time schedule. I keep forgetting that while Harry Potter tickets go on sale maybe a month or so ahead of time; the Twilight Saga tickets go on sale 3-6 months ahead of time. So I inevitably miss my chance to purchase midnight viewing tickets. =(

That’s more than okay this time around though. Rob was going to take me to see it as a “Date Night” thing just the two of us. But things have been super crazy lately and what with Gavin just starting a new medication; it just wasn’t in the cards right now. (I’m more than willing to do date night next month and see it again with him though. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* lol) So I went with my big sista instead!

We snuck our snacks and pop in. (Oh hush now! Like y’all have never done it before! =p lol) Then realized we got there too late and there weren’t any seats to had together (totally uncool!) but then some friends of Rob and I waved us up to sit dead center in the middle of the theater! We ended up with the best seats in the house! =) (Thanks Lori & Dr. G!)

The movie was amazing! (Of course.) And I love me some Edward! (Sorry honey but its true.)

All in all, I’d say we had a blast. Except for the guy whose was giving Trish and I migraines. But other than him, awesome night!

Two thumbs up!

* posted on the fly w/o the use of proper editing tools 😉 *

~ Lizzeann

Moody Monday #2: Fresh


  • newly made or obtained
  • new; not previously known, met with, etc.; novel
  • pure, cool, or refreshing
  • not faded, worn, obliterated, etc.

Front Row (l-r): Uncle Cy, Aunt Sissy, Grandma Gene, Jon

Middle Row (l-r): Dave, Elliott Richard (held by Aunt Kate), Gavin, Emmett John (held by Aunt Teri)

Back Row (l-r): Pa-Pa G, Grandma G, Tim, Brian

Grandma Gene and her family celebrating Grandma’s birthday!

I chose this family portrait as my representation of “fresh” because Grandma Gene is just that – not faded, worn obliterated. Plus her stories always have a way of refreshing my perspective and view-point.

camera: FujiFilm FinePix Z35

If you’d like to join the fun of Moody Monday, head on over to and visit Jan at Murrieta365 to play along.

Chit-chat with Dr. P

Elliott Richard had his bi-weekly appointment with Dr. P, aka Patty, last night. It was mainly a Question and Answer session for me and catch up night for her and Elliott Richard.

I had the opportunity to ask a few questions about my circumstances with Sue, my therapist/counselor, since Patty is the Psychologist “in charge of/over-seeing” my case. A few weeks ago Sue had said I was “too smart for therapy” then she asked me “what I hoped to gain from therapy”. To me, this sounded and felt like she was thinking that therapy isn’t going to help me or that she’s in over her head and can’t help me. I really like Sue and I feel like she is a really good match for me. But I don’t have enough time, energy or sanity to spend it seeing a therapist/counselor who is questioning her ability to help me, ya know?

So Patty and I discussed my questions and concerns. And I decided to have a frank conversation with Sue reminding her of the things I need for therapy to be effective etc. Then if nothing changes Patty and I will reconvene and go from there and decide what to do.

Then it was time to catch up on Elliott Richard and what’s been going on there. I told her about his Day Camp and how helpful that has been. How the Day Camp has convinced him that school this Fall is going to be a lot of fun.

The last time Elliott Richard and I had seen Patty we discussed why Elliott Richard appeared to be struggling with sleep and being alone. At the time, she felt that Elliott Richard was having such a difficult time sleeping because he was struggling to be alone. Which makes complete sense because he struggles to even play alone or be alone.

Day Camp is helping him by leaps and bounds with that. He’s sleeping better unless he has a nightmare, which is understandable. But he sleeps better. He’s slowly learning to play alone. He’s always been opinionated but he’s learning better ways to voice his opinions. It’s amazing!

This is the kind of thing, I’ve always dreamed of as a mother. Having the opportunity to watch this kind of change in my son. The opportunity to watch him grow as an individual.

It makes my heart feel good.

I hope and pray that I will have many more experiences like this in the future. It almost makes me feel like…maybe I’m not a complete failure as a mother. Maybe I’m just a little bit better at this parenting gig than I realize.

It gives me hope and just a little bit of faith…in myself as a mother and a parent in general.

* posted on the fly w/o the use of proper editing tools 😉 *

~ Lizzeann

Unconscious Mutterings

Rules for Unconscious Mutterings

“Rules are, there are no rules.” Each week they post ten words to the blog which you can respond to with the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t limit yourself to one word responses; just say everything that pops into your head. AND you don’t have to have your words up on Sunday. Take all week if you want! 

This is Week 387 for them but Week #1 for me. And away we go!

  1. Collectors :: stamps, Precious Moments, journals and pens (Oh my!)
  2. Passion :: love, marriage, connections
  3. Winner :: loser, competition
  4. Uninhibited :: bold, blunt, honest
  5. Challenge :: dare, compete, memes
  6. Self :: respect, know thy self, quest for self
  7. Your :: family, life, future
  8. Viewer :: television, peeping tom
  9. Random :: empty, open, available
  10. Vice :: Miami, smoking, junk food

Yeah, so some of these makes sense to the world at large. Most of them don’t even make sense to me, so I don’t really expect them to make sense to anyone else. They are just my answers. Perhaps I’ll get more detailed as I grow accustomed to the feel of the meme.