We used to drive a nice Saturn L200 but honestly it was to small.  We were without a car when we lost it. My aunt and uncle gave us a Kia Sportage and that got a through some tough times. When the electrical system went completely nuts (apparently a known and non-repairable condition) we had to finally put her to rest. We are very grateful and lucky to have such generous family.  Then my parents fixed up their Chevy Lumina and gave that to us. We are currently still driving that. However, with the behavioral issues some of our kids have (namely Gavin) we have safety issues to worry about. So we are in the market for a new or nicely used mini-van. We have found that the pilot seats work out really well. The kids stay separated and are still easily accessible. Everyone has their space and we can even safely bring Maggie along for the ride.

Right now it’s honestly probably smarter to start thinking about making the move. I have some pending maintenance that will need to be done in the near future. I looked a few of them up to get an idea of the cost involved and I found this site called http://repairpal.com. I searched for things like oil change and found this http://repairpal.com/engine-oil-filter-change. Then I searched for tune up and found http://repairpal.com/tune-up-what-is-it. This is pretty cool because this site kind of breaks things down for you and helps you to estimate the cost and find a shop to have it done. You just put in your information like ”Houston auto repair” if you lived in Houston and you find this http://repairpal.com/houston-auto-repair.  Computers are my thing not cars so this was a nice find.

Then I actually started playing around with the site and they even have car reviews, kind of like epinions.com where regular people write the reviews based on personal experience. For example you could look up Acura Integra and find this http://repairpal.com/acura-integra-1998. In my case I used it t check out my future van the chevy venture it actually got great reviews http://repairpal.com/chevrolet-venture-2005.