…where once there was a wagon.

That’s how long ago and how hard I’ve fallen off my wagon. (lol) I’ve been living on that list of things in my previous post. I could say it’s because things have been stressful or my depression or “I didn’t want it all to go to waste.” And while all of those things are true to one degree or another, I fell off because I made the decision to fall throw myself from the wagon.

A large part of my problem with the diet changes I need and want to instill are the Boys. They need a diet over-haul as much as I do; not to lose weight but to simply eat healthier. However, they aren’t going to understand or like the changes. I don’t want to keep living like we run a cafeteria every meal – fixing different things for Rob and I than them. So I need to find a way to change everyone’s diet without continuing the Cafeteria Lifestyle but while taking into account the different dietary needs. And without adding more stress to my already seriously stressful life because that will just be setting myself up to fail.

I need to find a good, FREE (no money in our budget for places like Weight Watchers etc), tried and true method to plan our meals and make the changes to our diet.

If anyone happens to know one, could you please share it with me. Please! =)