I’m in the process of writing an update about Mr. Emmett John’s appointment on Monday with Dr. Dela. I also need to write an update about all of my medical/health stuff. Oh, and the one about Elliott Richard and Day Camp. For now I’ll leave you with these tid bits of information:

¤ Elliott Richard didn’t want to stay at camp last Tuesday (Day 1 of Day Camp). Now I’m uncool and need to leave ASAP as he runs off with his friends/cousins.

¤ He’s also now Super Excited for school this Fall.

¤ Emmett John went to see Dr. Dela on Monday. We left with referrals for: a Gastroenterologist, a Genetist, a Triple P parenting doc, and a Speech & Language/Autism evaluation.

¤ He also left with prescriptions for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, just in case Help Me Grow isn’t recommending them.

¤ I’ve gained a new doctor as well. Apparently, my sleep studies to finalize my diagnosis of narcolepcy require a Sleep Doctor. So that’s one more specialist to add to my list.

¤ Gavin got a funky rash on his left hand and we saw Dr. H on Tuesday for a follow up to the trip to Stat Care. I mentioned Gavin having tummy issues lately and he’s concerned (he’s always acted as if it was only a matter of time before this happened). So now I’m spending the next 3 weeks keeping a diary of what Gavin eats, when he poops and what it looks like.

¤ Dr. H wants to do bloodwork as well but he’s waiting for the next time Dr. R orders it so we can piggy back the orders. Then he’ll decide what to do next.

¤ Dr. H is worried that Gavin might have Celiac. Yeah, that’ll be fun! Oy.

And now I’m sitting with the great and wonderful Dr. R. Helping him to fill in his medical history for Gavin since they’ve restructered and discussing Gavin and what’s going on with him. But I’ll update about this appointment later too. (Man, I’ve got about a dozen updates to write. lol)

* posted on the fly w/o the use of proper editing tools 😉 *

~ Lizzeann