Why Lizze, why are you awake and posting at 3am?

I wasn’t awake. Then suddenly, I was.

I was having a cool dream. (It was more like a nightmare but one of those ones that you just knew was getting good. Kind of like a horror/drama movie.) Then suddenly, I wasn’t.


Elliott Richard’s demon spawn cat/ninja thing ruined it!!

She woke Emmett John. Who woke me.

Then she bit my toe and ran off!

Too late, Emmett John is awake. He wants a drink.

Then he pitches a holy fit for some reason known only by him and his God. Before finally curling up with my feet and passing out again! ???

Now I’m awake. He’s asleep. Ducky may have to die if this becomes a regular thing. And here we all are.

Damn cat.

(PS No cats – including Ducky – were or ever will be harmed in the making of this – or any other – post.)

* posted on the fly w/o use of proper editing tools 😉 *

~ Lizzeann