This one is: Murrieta’s Straight Out of the Camera. The premise is pretty straight forward. I take a picture – straight out of my camera (or camera phone sometimes) and post it without editing. However, I am allowed to crop it as needed. Then I tell whatever I wish about the picture and link back to Murrieta. Easy peasy. =)

Can you hear me now? This is Elliott Richard during his first ever hearing test at his 4 year-check-up. I just love how the head-phones look huge and out-of-place on his head.

I know that I’m probably supposed to be trying to grow and improve as a photographer with these but honestly, I’m just picking pictures I like. Pictures I know that I want to showcase on my blog but are likely to get lost in the shuffle of the hundreds I have taken between my cell phone and my digital camera. So while the composition, color, lighting and all other technical aspects are probably off in my photographs; I hope you enjoy them just the same. =)

My photographs, much like just about everything else on my blog, are taken and shared because I love and enjoy them. I hope you do, too. =)

With that said, don’t forget to stop by Murrieta’s and join the fun! =)