I was adopted. That alone doesn’t make my Family Rundown complicated. However, once you begin throwing in the biological family with duplicate titles…Oy! Things can get a bit hinky. So here’s the rundown, a crib sheet if you will. (Hahaha I made a funny. (lol) =)

Adoptive Family

Barb ~ Mom

Doug ~ Dad

Zach  ~ Kid Brother

What y’all don’t know is that Fall of last year I had a rather large falling out with my Adoptive Family. We haven’t spoken since. I won’t discuss the details but it was nasty coming from both sides. I don’t regret my decisions because I made them for the right reasons, for my family. That being said, I do regret how the whole thing went down. I regret how it ended. I regret that people were hurt. On both sides. Including myself. So now 6+ months later, I am without my Adoptive Family in my life through my choices and their choices.

Biological Family

Mary ~ Mother

Charissa ~ Sister (Oldest of the Four)

Mike ~ Brother (Second Oldest of the Four)

Trisha ~ Sister (Third Oldest of the Four)

Me ~ Sister (The Baby)

Now you take current day, I’m not speaking to my Adoptive Family. Except for one Auntie. Whom has always loved me unconditionally. She’s never judged me, even when everything began.

I was speaking to my biological family. The key word in that statement being was. Well, I still speak to my oldest sister, Charissa. I’m currently working on my relationship with Charissa and her family; my niece, Brina,  nephew, Jeff, his fiancée, Dana and eventually their son, Cameron (who is only a few weeks older than Mr. Emmett John). I now speak, with my brother Mike and his wife Sharon. Since I was discovered and all. =) (lol) We’re all getting to know each other, which is cool. But they’re the only people from my biological family I ever talk to. I was close with my older sister, Trisha for about the past year and some odd months. Then I was becoming close with Mary. Then for reasons which I won’t post here, we had a falling out. Now Trisha, Mary and I aren’t speaking.

Hell, every where you look I’m losing family. Granted, I have a part in all of it. I don’t deny that. The parts I’ve had in things may not have been the best parts but I’ve done the best I could with them. I’ve done the best I could with the hand I was dealt. And when the end came, and I had a choice to make, I chose my family – Rob, Gavin, Elliott Richard, Emmett John, Maggie Sue, Cleo, Ducky and Rosalie. I chose the family I swore to love, honor and cherish. The family I am bound by blood, God and purpose to love, teach and protect. In the end, that’s what I did – protect them. I made the choice that I felt best protected them. Yes, it hurt people I love. But they hurt me. I was hurt. I am hurt. But that’s okay because I did the right thing for my family. I’m not trying to start a fight. I’m not trying to bad mouth anyone. I’m merely stating how things are.

I’m not perfect. I’ve never claimed to be. When it comes down to it, I can only be me. Good, bad or indifferent I am me. Love it or lump it.