I don’t know where to begin.

Yesterday I took Mr. Emmett John for his 18 month well-baby check-up with Dr. H. Tomorrow I will take him to the Audiologist to have his hearing tested. Physically, he’s doing well. He isn’t sick. Motor skills are right on track. He’s still channeling Jack-Jack, which is absolutely exhausting. I honestly don’t know how he does it. One minute he’s right next to you then he’s gone and there are 6 of him everywhere! On the bright side, his constant movement doesn’t seem to be having any effect on his growth…

The Stats
Head Circ: 48.8cm (75%)
Length: 35.25in (98%)
Weight: 26lb 1oz (41%)
I spoke with Dr. H about my growing concerns about Emmett John’s lack of language. He doesn’t talk, period. He babbles, which basically means he makes the noises that don’t pertain to anything. For Emmett John, MaMa doesn’t hold any signifigance for him towards me. Neither does DaDa, BaBa or any of the rest of them. He just says them.
He doesn’t seem to hear us either. Our house is set up in a circle – front room (living room), hallway, kitchen, dinning room – all in a circle. The other night Emmett John was sitting on the couch in the front room and I snuck around so I was about 2 feet behind him then I clapped. I clapped so hard my hands instantly turned red and I moved Emmett John’s hair. He didn’t even move. He didn’t startle, flinch or anything else. We call out to him from across the room and he doesn’t respond. Loud noises, quiet noises…it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t seem to hear any of them. The only ones that he sometimes seems to hear are high pitched cell phones.
I mentioned his complete lack of a startle reflex to Dr. H when Emmett John was about 5 months old. At the time though, he had so many other things going on that we needed to figure out that it was lost in the shuffle. Plus his hearing test at the hospital when he was born so Dr. H felt that the “wait and see” approach was probably best. I allowed myself to be poo-pooed into silence and ignored my mother’s instinct. Here we are 13 months later.
Tomorrow we are going to the Audiologist for his first hearing test, the OAE. It’s the regular hearing test to see if he can hear at all. After that Dr. H has referred him to the local children’s hospital for the sedation hearing test, the ABR. He is also referring us to Help Me Grow for early intervention. Help Me Grow will help us to get started with Speech Therapy, Sign Language classes so that we can communicate until we find out what is going on and even there after. He’s also referring us to Gavin’s Developmental Neurologist so that he can be evaluated for Autism.
Dr. H said that Autism is on the bottom of his possibilities list; however, with the family history via Gavin and the significant speech delay he wants to be sure that all of the bases are covered. That way if he does happen to be Autistic we have early intervention in place, whereas Gavin was unable to benefit from those services. I agree with Dr. H, I don’t think that he’s Autistic. I think he’s deaf. However, I will feel better knowing. Especially if the hearing tests come out a-okay.
I’m not going to lie here guys, I’m terrified for my baby.