Today’s Small Talk Six is:

6 Things (Good or Bad) That You Credit Your Mother-In-Law For

1.) Rob. Does he have flaws? Absolutely. So do I. But he is a wonderful man, husband and father due in no small part to how she and Dad G raised him.

2.) A large chunk of what little sanity I have left. She’s watched the boys for free – more often than not on a moments notice – so that I could go see my therapists over the last decade. Thanks to her whatever sanity I have left is due to her generosity.

3.) A lot of the inspiration and motivation I have to create my greeting cards. When the mood does strike, it’s mostly thanks to her and Rob that I am able to do anything about it. A lot of my supplies were her’s at one point. My magazines and such came from her as well. She’s always been very supportive without being pushy of my creativity.

4.) The health and in part, the existance of Elliott Richard and Emmett John. Not because of Rob. When I was pregnant with both boys, she helped take care of Gavin and then both Gavin and Elliott Richard. She helped take care of me. She helped in so many ways that without her it would have been so much more difficult to have made it to the end.

5.) Two words: free babysitting. Yup, it’s the one thing that no all grandparents do and/or believe in. But Grandma G loves it and helps out with it whenever she can. It’s a Godsend and has helped us out of a jam – especially at the last minute – more times than I can count.

6.) Love, compassion and understanding. She gets me, which isn’t something a whole lot of people can say. She knows that I like my privacy. She can tell when I’m having a bad fibro day better than just about anyone. She remember what foods I like, which I don’t. My favorite drinks. It’s like I’ve been her daughter forever; not just 8 and 1/2 years. She is one of the best people I’ve ever had the honor to know and I love her.

(Between you and me World Wide Web, I may have been robbed the first time around, but I won the Mother-in-Law Lottery this time!)

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