I Don’t Wednesday #4: Regrets

I don’t … regret leaving my ex-husband. If I hadn’t left, I wouldn’t have met Rob. Rob wouldn’t have led to his family and I honestly could not have asked/prayed/wished for better in-laws – parents or siblings. They are amazing. Rob also helped me to create two beautiful boys. So really, what more could I ask for there? Oh yeah, Rob is pretty great too. 😉 lol

I don’t … regret looking for Mom (aka Mary) starting when I was 16 years old. I don’t … regret finding her when I was 20 years old even though it didn’t turn out how I had hoped. I don’t … regret looking for Trisha on MySpace on a whim 3 years ago even though that didn’t turn out how I had hoped either. Because it’s all turning out how I had hoped in the end, which is how it should be.

I don’t … regret standing up for myself or my family when it was the right thing to do. Even when it wasn’t the popular thing to do.

I don’t … regret wearing my heart on my sleeve even though most would say it’s “weakness”. At least people have always known where I was coming from and where I stood.

I don’t … regret getting married by the mayor of North Cheerioville rather than having a big wedding that we couldn’t afford and would have needed loans to pay for. Besides now I get to take the next 3 years to plan my dream wedding and make sure I can make it as cheap as possible. 🙂

I don’t … regret starting my family before everything else. That was the path I chose for my life and I stand by that decision.