I don’t … understand some people. I don’t … understand how they can believe something so strongly one week and then when that clearly didn’t work out well for them they change gears so completely. How does that work?

I don’t … understand how people claim to “know” what I am going to do next. And even though it hasn’t happened, they still claim to “know” that it will. How do they know my mind better than I?

I don’t … understand when doing what is best for my family became the wrong thing to do. I knew that it wouldn’t be the popular decision. I knew I would be making people unhappy. However, it was the same decision across the board for all. Yet, I was only judged by one. I don’t … understand.

I don’t … understand the new policy for “Health Care ‘reform’“. It just reads like a foreign language to me. Almost as if Obama doesn’t want the American public to understand it.

I don’t … understand how Obama-Mamas trust most of what comes out of Obama’s mouth. I’m aware this makes me unpopular in alot of crowds but it’s how I feel.

I don’t … understand why all of my articles that I write lately keep coming out like high school term papers – overly-serious, pretensious crap.

I don’t … understand why the FDA keeps approving medications for fibromyalgia when they really doesn’t work very well.

I don’t … understand why I’m so drawn to these “Lockdown“, “Lockup” jail shows on National Geographic and MSNBC channels on television. Something about them simply fascinates me. I don’t … understand why.