This was my Sunday:

  • Woke up with a migraine and a fibro flare? Check.
  • Twins still sick and dribbling poop everywhere? Check.
  • Tried to nap but in too much pain to lay down? Check.
  • More cat poop? Check.
  • Massive Emmett John diaper blow out, which equals still more poop? Check.
  • Doubled the laundry to be washed thanks to dribbles and blow outs? Check.
  • Broke the light switch in the ceiling fan in our bedroom? Check.
  • Cut power to the whole house when I was supposed to only cut it to the bedroom? Check.
  • Then spent an hour and a half in the living room with lit candles and all three boys while Rob inspected the damage, went to the store, picked up dinner and fixed the switch? Check.
  • Fell asleep begging God for a single night of sleep without waking up every hour? Check.

PS. I got the sleep. 🙂