Ah, true love and how it came to be…there are few things sweeter in life than a good love story. Don’t you agree? Well, so do I. Here is the Story of how Rob and I met all those years ago. Then as a bonus, I’ll tell you all of the ways we almost met and nearly did but didn’t. 🙂

The Park (Coming Soon!)

The Fire (Coming Soon!)

The Engagement (Coming Soon!)

Our 1st Apartment (Coming Soon!)

I Do! (Coming Soon!)

Our Home (Coming Soon!)

***Bonus Content*** Coulda Been & Almost Was (Coming Soon!)

Our Support Teams


As I’m writing these, it’s occuring to me that there is a lot you guys don’t know about me and my history. So as I feel the need. As I feel okay with it…I am going to share my story with you as well. Who I am. Where I’ve been. What I’ve been through. What I’m going through.

Crazy (Coming Soon!)

Nick (Coming Soon!)

What is PTSD?

PTSD to Me (Coming Soon!)

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia to Me (Coming Soon!)

Who I was/Who I wanted to be (Coming Soon!)

Who I am now (Coming Soon!)