Okay, for future reference, here’s the list. The key is as follows:

Orange ~ Rob
Purple ~ Lizze
Green ~ Gavin
Blue ~ Elliott Richard
Red ~ Emmett John

Our Support Team (family, doctors, therapists, teachers etc.):

★★★★★★(Last Updated: Monday June 28, 2010)★★★★★★

Our support Team

The Family
Rob’s Side
Grandma G (Rob’s Mom)
Pa-Pa G (Rob’s Dad)
Uncle Brian (Rob’s brother/Emmett John’s Godfather)
Uncle Jon (Rob’s brother/Gavin’s Godfather)
Aunt Teri (married to Uncle Jon/Gavin’s Godmother)
Aunt Kate (Rob’s sister/Emmett John’s Godmother)
Uncle Tim (Rob’s brother)

Jenna (Uncle Tim’s Girlfriend)
Aunt Jenn (Rob’s sister)
Grandma Gene (the Great-Grandma/Pa-Pa G’s Mommy)
Grandpa B (the Great-Grandpa/Grandma G’s Daddy)
Uncle Rick (the Great-Uncle/Pa-Pa G’s Brother/Elliott Richard’s Godfather)
Aunt Carol (the Great-Aunt/Pa-Pa G’s Sister-in-law/Elliott Richard’s Godmother)
Cousin Grace (Uncle Rick & Aunt Carol’s older daughter)
Cousin Hannah (Uncle Rick & Aunt Carol’s younger daughter)

My Side
Adoptive (I need to differentiate between “Adoptive” and “Biological” simply because other wise it gets confusing. Not because it is an emotional desire.)

Mom/Grandma W (my mom)
Daddy/Grandpa W (my dad)
Uncle Zach (my baby brother)
Grammy (the Great-Grandma/Grandma W’s Mommy)
Po-Po (the Great-Grandpa/Grandpa W’s Dad)

Aunt Trisha (my sister)
Uncle John (Trisha’s hubby – my brother-in-law)
Cousin Paige (Trisha & John’s oldest daughter)

Cousin Danny (Trisha & John’s oldest son)
Cousin Dyvin (Trisha & John’s youngest son)
Cousin Payton (Trisha & John’s daughter)
Grandma Mary (Trisha & I’s mother) (She has written me off, therefore we are no longer speaking and she has abandoned the boys.)

The Medical & Educational Team
Patty ~ Psychologist

Mollie ~ Psychological Testing
Dr. R ~ Psychiatrist
Dr. H ~ Pediatrician
Dr. Jon ~ Pediatric Dentist

Dr. RH ~ NeuroDevelopmental Pediatrician
Dr. V ~ Cardiologist
Dr. Mc ~ Neurologist
Mrs. Flowers ~ Teacher (Mrs. C – no longer Gavin’s teacher as of Oct 2009 when he switched classrooms)
Miss JS ~ Teacher’s Aide (Miss L – no longer Gavin’s teacher as of Oct 2009 when he switched classrooms)
??? ~ Social Skills Teacher (Miss F – no longer his Social Skills Teacher as of March 2010 when she moved to PA to go back to college)
Mrs. S ~ Principal
Andrea M ~ MRDD Special Services Administrator
Kathie W ~ Wraparound Project Coordinator (released from program)
Lori ~ MST (We released her because she completely inadequate for Gavin’s needs.)

Elliott Richard
Dr. H ~ Pediatrician
Dr. G ~ Urologist (seen when he was an infant and has since been released from treatment)
Dr. Jon ~ Pediatric Dentist
Patty ~ Therapist

Emmett John
Dr. H ~ Pediatrician
Dr. Tim ~ Apnea Clinic Pediatrician (seen between birth and 3 months, has since been released from treatment)
??? ~ Ear Nose & Throat doctor (seen for hoarseness & tubes in his ears) (Dr. KR – fired for failure to follow proper protocol before, during and after surgery)
Dr. RH ~ NeuroDevelopmental Pediatrician
Dr. F ~ Gastroenterologist
??? ~ Genetist
Dr. P ~ Triple P doctor
??? ~ Early Interventionist
??? ~ Occupational Therapist
??? ~ Physical Therapist
??? ~ Speech Therapist

??? ~ Physical Therapist
Jennifer ~ Help Me Grow Case Manager
Tiffany ~ Temporary Help Me Grow Case Manager

Misc Pediatricians & Nurses in the Practice
Dr. Beth
Dr. M
Dr. C
Chris ~ Dr. H’s main nurse
Linda ~ floating nurse
Mel ~ floating nurse

Lizze’s Team
Dr. D ~ OB/GYN
Sue ~ Therapist
Dr. T ~ Pain Management
Dr. E ~ Primary Care Physician
Dr. L ~ Gastroenterologist
Dr. G ~ Rheumatologist
Dr. C ~ Neurologist/Migraine Specialist
??? ~ Orthopedist
Dr. JD ~ Sleep doctor

Rob’s Team
Dr. E ~ Primary Care Physician