Tonight our hometown had it’s big firework display, which was the follow-up to the parade this morning and the ending of a week long festival. And just let me tell you this, there’s nothing quite like hearing every high school marching band in the county peppered inbetween every fire department and their sirens and then wrapping it all up with a float playing nothing but heavy metal rock music. Yeah, that was my Saturday morning. Did I mention we live just off the parade route? Yeah, we do.

Anyway, back to the fireworks…Grandma and PaPa G and Aunt Kate came over to watch with Emmett John and I. Daddy stayed home with Gavin and Elliott Richard. Gavin couldn’t go because the noise and excitement would have set him off. And Elliott Richard didn’t go because he wore himself out playing Grandma and PaPa’s house tonight so he actually fell sleep before 9 o’clock tonight. (Yippee!)

So the four of us: Grandma G, PaPa G, Aunt Kate and I took Emmett to his first set of fireworks. I don’t know if he enjoyed them or not though because he slept through them. The big, loud “booming” ones startled him at first but he got used to them. lol

It was too dark for me to get any pictures of Emmett but I did manage to get some pictures and video of the fireworks. Enjoy! 🙂