In honor of Emmett’s 2 week Birthday I want to jot down some new things I’ve noticed.

~ When Emmett is half-asleep and trying to wake up, he scrunches his forehead. It looks like he’s trying to pull his eyelids up with his forehead. (I love this.)
~ So far Emmett has only peed on me and the couch. (I’m trying to not take it personally. lol)
~ When he sleeps, he strikes varying versions of “The Thinker” pose.
~ When he’s nursing and I have to cover him up with a blanket, if I peek under the blanket I’ll find him nursing and scowling at me.
~ He can’t get his fist in his mouth when he wants but when he was having his billirubin blood draws done, his accuracy with his free foot was astounding!
~ He has a double cow-lick.
~ When he sneezes, it’s always at least two sneezes in a row. (Just like his Aunt Kate. Could this be some crazy genetic thing?)

General Thoughts on Babies & Parenthood

~ Why is it when babies are asleep the poop flows right out. But when they are awake it takes work and screaming to work it out?
~ Why do babies smile in their sleep?
~ Elliott Richard seemed so small to me. Until Emmett John was born. Now he seems HUGE!