So I've started my meds. I took my Tylenol. I still have my fever even with the Tylenol. *sigh* Apparently I'm on the Prednisone (steroids) because I have pneumonia/walking pneumonia. All told, I'll be on the Prednisone for about 3 weeks.

I've done some research into the safety of Prednisone use in pregnancy. The info I've found was split between 2 trains of thought:

1) Prednisone is a Category C drug. (Meaning it hasn't been used enough to say if it's safe or not.)


2) Prednisone is basically destroyed upon crossing the placenta and therefore the fetus gets none of the drug.

At this point, I trust Dr. D and I'm placing my faith in the latter belief. From what I've read on, Prednisone is outside of it's typical uses and used in cases such as mine (upper respiratory wise) when the cough is extreme etc. Basically, I'm really sick and the coughing is exasperbating the preterm labor and contractions…so what choice do I have?

I just hope to feel better soon. I'm predicting that tonight is going to be LONG! As long as we can keep my preterm labor under control, I'll be happy to suffer.