I’ve mentioned a few times that I enjoy making cards. Rob always tells me that I should take pictures of them and keep a sort of catalog of what I can do/have done. I always mean to be never do. So I only have two to show you right now. I just thought I would share these two so you can see what I do. 🙂

This is one is just a basic “thank you” card. I’ve seen some cards that are really fancy and whatnot but I prefer the more simplistic approach, which is why my cards are just simple and basic. I like them at any rate. 🙂

And then this one I made for Rob’s youngest brother’s high school graduation. His parents got the picture from his high school (I think). It definitely shows Tim’s personality. (You can see it a little better if you click on the picture and enlarge it. If your interested that is.)

The quality of the pictures isn’t fantastic but you can get the general idea. 🙂