I was going to post yesterday about it having been 40 days and 40 nights. You know, a nice little Noah’s Arc referrence. I didn’t get to post that blog.

I’m sick. No more “Dueling Pukers”, Thank God. This is more like “The Walking Dead”. Elliott Richard and I have both become members. I ran a fever all last night of about a 100-101. Then I woke up this morning still feeling like “The Walking Dead” but without the fever. I just generally feel like…well, like “The Walking Dead”. I’ve got a horrible cough, my whole body just aches as if someone is beating me in my sleep, my head is pounding and nothing will touch it, my nose is runny…I’m just a miserable mamma-jamma. Elliott Richard too. All of that appliles to him – although I don’t know about the aches or headache because he’s not offering much in the way help. 😉

I just thought I would type up a quick post and let y’all know what’s going down here on the HomeFront. Now I allow you to return your regularly scheduled lives as actual living people. I am not going to return to my life as a member of “The Walking Dead”.

*holds arms out in my best zombie impression* Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhh….

41 down ~ 94 to go