I took this picture with my phone the other day. I was just playing around with the phone/settings and happened to catch this picture. I just love it!
And I’m sure there are plenty of Daddies who deserve the title but in my book he’s “Daddy of the Year”. Hands down.
He sacrifices everything for us. His career. His hobbies. Sometimes even his sanity and health. He has been doing the jobs of both of us for 5 weeks now and he doesn’t think he’s doing a good enough job. I don’t agree.
He is currently upstairs “playing” Connect Four with Elliott Richard after he made us dinner and gave Elliott Richard his bath. (I would join them but Elliott ordered me out. He’s all about Daddy right now.) He went grocery shopping and not only does he manage to stay on (or under) budget but he got everything I asked for and the stuff I forgot to ask for. He gives me my injections even when it kills him to do so.
He is my hero. I love him to bits. I am so grateful for everything he does and is. And I wanted to share.