I had an appointment with Dr. D yesterday. It went really well. I got there. They 
weighed me (some how I managed to gain another pound in less than a day – without the aid of cheesecake!). And we did all the fun pregnancy tests (different from the “pregnancy test” where you pee on a stick lol) and measurements.

Appointment Stats:
Weight: 179 lb
Tiny’s Heartrate: 143 bpm
Fundal height: 25 cm

Then a med student/resident (whatever) came in asked me a few questions. Starting with “So things appear to be going well.” I kind of looked at him and cocked my left eyebrow up (which I do when I’m confused or when I want to give someone my best “are you serious” look) and said, “Well, yeah things are fine. Unless of course you count the trip to L&D last night. Or the 3 contractions/hour since Sunday.” At that point he started flipping through my chart (from the day before). I just love med students/residents who don’t take the time to read the chart before they come in. *eye roll* lol

Dr. D, the med student/resident (whatever!) and Val (one of my favorite nurses) came in a few minutes later. Dr. D said that our next goal is 28 weeks because we have a 60% chance of survival right now. At 28 weeks we have a 100% chance of survival. So 28 weeks is our new 40 weeks. (Kind of like 30 is the new 40 or whatever. lol) For now, that’s our goal.

30 down ~ 105 to go