So last night I was doing some laundry… I noticed that the floor was wet. I had always assumed it was the washer. The drain over flows sometimes. I realized that it wasn’t coming from the washer…I found a leak in the main drain line in the house. Now this plumbing is over 100 years old. I thought no problem, I will seal it and fix it later.

As I was sealing the drain line I started feeling drips on me. I looked up and the whole ceiling is soaked and dripping. I turns out that the water line for the 2ND floor bath has been leaking for God only knows how long… I looked in our hall closet and found the whole wall is soaked and covered in mold. We NEVER use that closet so I have no idea how long this has been going on.

I did find extensive damage and I am not sure how far it goes or where it is leaking from. My Dad is going to stop by tonight to check it out and see if we can fix it. With the house being so old it’s hard to repair because everything is backwards..and very, very old….. There isn’t even any water shut offs anywhere in the house. The person that plumbed this house IS AN IDIOT. You have to have water shutoffs to the first and second floor……We don’t…..

I really don’t need this right now….