Another day, another…well, day. lol

Rob let me sleep in for a little bit again today. Then I had two pieces of cherry crumb cheesecake for breakfast. That’s right, I said 2 pieces! 🙂 At this rate, Tiny is going to be huge by the time it’s all said and done. lol

Now I’m just hanging out. Watching television. Getting ready to work on pregnancy journals and whatnot. Which is so much easier now that I have my lap desk. It also makes life with my incredibly hot laptop much easier.

I’m just in a grumpy mood today. Something just feels…off and funky. I hate days like this. I can’t very well call Dr. D and say, “Hey, guys. I’m contracting but no more than usual but I just feel funky and off.” There’s nothing that can be done about funky and off. *sigh* I think today is just going to be one of those grumpy, hormonal, pregnant kind of days.

25 down ~ 110 to go