Okay so we’ve done this song and dance before: Girl reads blog. Girl likes blog. Girl feels the need to notify the world about the blog. 🙂 Here are the newest inductees into my “Blogs Of Note” club….

A Day in the Life ~ Jen is a stay-at-home of two, a 2 yr old daughter and 10 mo old son. She found my blog through random circumstances (the best kind) and then I found her’s through her Blogger Profile. It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s honest. I like it. 🙂

Monday, March 17, 2008

Purpose of this blog
I’m starting this blog as a little experiment. I want to see how many people I can meet through this new world of blogging and whether or not you can make friendships this way. It is going to be interesting to say the least. The worst case scenario is that nobody reads this blog or wants to get to know me. If that happens then I still have a wonderful “memory book” of what was happening in my life. Or, I good make one new friend. And lets face it, I think most of us could use a new friend.
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Journeys of a Peaceful Little Flower ~ I know Tressa in real life. She is a beautiful, peaceful soul. Her blog title is very fitting. She just started her blog so let’s show her some love! 🙂

Hi everyone! This is just a nice little post to introduce myself and tell you all what you can expect in the upcomping blogs.My name’s Tressa, and I’m a counselor working in a charter school for kids with Autism and other special needs. I’ve been living in Canton, OH for a year now, but I grew up in New Castle, PA. I went to Youngstown State University for my bachelor’s degree and my master’s degree. I love Canton, and I’m glad to have found someplace that feels like home.Hmm…some other things about me. I study martial arts (Karate, and I’ve done a bit of Jiu Jitsu too), I love to bake, I write children’s picture stories (I’m trying to get published soon), I’m a cat person (although I don’t have any at the moment), I’m vegan (for anyone who doesn’t know, that means I don’t eat anything that comes from an animal), and I’m wild about singing, dancing, and musicals. I’m very spiritually strong, and my religious/spiritual path has been very arduous at times.Well I guess that’s good for an intro. I’ll primarily use this blog to vent my feelings, share my opinions about those issues which I feel strongly about, and generally keep people up to date on the ins and outs of my life. Leave comments for me! I love to know what others think about my thoughts!
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I Hope You Dance ~ Raelyn is a stay-at-home mom to two little girls. It is an account of her life, especialy right now as she is going through a pretty difficult time medically. So she could use all of the prayers and positive thoughts you have to spare.

Raelyn – 32 year old Mom to the best girls ever. I am currently dealing with Trophoblastic Disease and will be starting Chemo 2/4. But I have faith in God and know that with him all things are possible.

And so now, as always, I say: Go! Read! Comment! Pray! Share the love, folks! Share the love! 🙂