Well, last night was interesting. I had really disturbing and upsetting dreams. I don’t remember what they were about except it involved my family and I woke up feeling hurt and panicked.

I’m now on my couch. Trying to find a scrapbook so I can make a scrapbook of Gavin’s ultrasound pictures and belly shots. The few belly shots I have left anyway. Thanks to certain people most of them were lost. I’m also having a lot of cramping with a dull low backache that comes and goes, which isn’t good. The plan of attack is to lay on my left side, drink nauseating amounts of water and eat lunch. Hopefully by then this will have passed and I won’t need to call in. However, if I need to call in they are going to make me go in at least I won’t starve while I’m there.

I’ll keep you updated and with any luck I’ll be able to post the blog I had planned. 😉

19 down ~ 116 to go