I am a country girl. My Granny was born and raised in Oklahoma. She was a country girl through and through. As I explained here, I was extremely close to my Granny. I am a child of hippy parents with strong southern influences in my upbringing. And people wonder how I ended up so far outside the box?! lol There hasn’t been a box made that can hold me! hahahaha

But I digress. My children have always shown a love for music from the get-go. I give birth to “dancers”. 😉 lol

Gavin’s favorite song was Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle”. His favorite group was Dixie Chicks. If he wasn’t very active, I could play Dixie Chicks and be rewarded with some “dancing”.

Elliott Richard’s favorite song was Christina Aguilera’s “Can’t Hold Us Down”. (Notice a pattern here? lol) But really any Christina Aguilera song would do. He wasn’t picky.

I think their love of Christina is what laid the ground work for them to have similar music tastes with Rob. Rob likes rock, 80’s…basically all things with a strong beat and then country. I’m the opposite. I love country. I would listen to country and bluegrass and jazz all day. (Sadly I am alone in my love of jazz.) I like select songs from other genres but I am a country girl at heart, through and through. I even have a country accent on certain words and phrases. (frog = frawg etc)

Well it would seem that Tiny is a little more like me than the rest. (‘Bout time!) I played Christina for him this morning fully expecting the pattern to continue. Nope. Tiny was quiet. There were a few bomp, bomp, bomps but no “dancing”. Next I tried Rascal Flatts. (I heart Rascal Flatts!) Ladies and gents, we’ve got dancing! HAHA I’m no longer the only “country bumpkin” in the family! 🙂