So I have a new blog that I simply must share with you. As always the link will be posted on the right under my Favorite Blogs list. Without further ado…

Adventures in Surrogacy ~ Susan is a working mom with 2 sons of her own and 3 step-kids. She is currently in the hospital on bed rest while pregnant with twin boys for a gay couple in Sweden. This is her second surrogacy – the first one ended with the birth of healthy boy/girl twins. I can’t imagine the level of sacrifice it must take to carry babies for someone else. Her story is truly humbling and amazing.

Susan is a new member on the Sidelines message board so I haven’t had much chance to get to know her there, however, I feel I have known her for years after reading her blog. She and I share quite a few similarities. 😉 lol

Also…Something else to check out for those of you bored and looking for “cheap entertainment” (i.e. my bed rest bound mommies 😉 lol)…Rob discovered a show on the History Channel called “Ax Men“. It’s about loggers from…well, so far they’ve only been from Washington and Oregon states. It’s pretty scary to see all that they go through to harvest the trees. On a side note, I’m finding myself torn between being fascinated by the show and horrified at all of the trees they are cutting down. Although they did mention in the episode I watched last night, that they replant new trees. So at least they are putting back what they take.