Nathan started this the other day. I have decided to play along…why not, it’s not like I have any other pressing matter to tend to.

7 Things You May Not Know About Me

1.) I have a natural aptitude for Chemistry and genetics. They just make sense to me with little or no effort on my part. What’s more, I actually truly enjoy the subjects. I even wanted to get my masters in bio-genetic engineering after graduating high school.

2.) I have always dreamed of being a surrogate mother for another couple. Rob and I discussed it, in a non-commital what-if sort of way when we were engaged but decided against it. After the complications of Elliott Richard’s and Tiny’s pregnancies, I would never be choosen now anyway.

3.) I was adopted when I was 6 months old. However, I often forget because in my heart and head my family has always been my family, even without the genetic link. And friends who do not know I am adopted, often say I look a lot like my mother. (I love hearing this.)

4.) Persuant to #3, I had 3 different first and middle names in my first 6 months of life. Upon birth my birth mother opted not to name me. My foster parents took care of me for the first 6 months of my life and named me Alyssa Ann. (A gal can’t go for 6 months being called “hey you” or “baby girl”. lol) Then when it was decided who my parents would be they told my case worker they were going to name me Grace (I forget the middle name). So for my last few weeks my foster family called me Grace to help me adjust. Then when I was delivered to my parents, they had decided to name me Elizabeth in stead. (And people wonder why I’m confused much of the time! *hrmph* lol)

5.) I am ambidextrious. My eye doctor said based on which eye is stronger I should be left handed. I play most sports left handed. I do most things left handed. But I write mainly with my right.

6.) I was told 4 months before getting pregnant with Elliott Richard that I was infertile and would never be able to have more children. Guess they were wrong, huh? lol

7.) I found out a few years ago that in high school I was unofficially considered the “Least Likely to Conceive” because I was such a goody-goody that everyone apparently felt I would never have sex. Again, boy were they wrong!

That was much harder than I thought it would be, for what it’s worth. 😉

Now y’all know a little more about me…so why don’t you post to your blogs so we can learn a little more about you?