I figured out this morning why Elliott Richard is so in love with the belly.

We were snuggling in bed this morning while I tried to work up the energy to drag myself out of bed. Elliott Richard discovered the belly, which let’s face it isn’t hard to do these days. lol So he shifted around so he could give the belly some “lovins” and this is the conversation that followed:

Mommy: Do you love that belly?
Elliott Richard: nods
Mommy: Is there a baby in the belly?
Elliott Richard: shakes his head “no”
Mommy: No?! What’s in the belly then?
Elliott Richard: Toy. (in a very matter of fact, “Duh Mom” kind of way)
Mommy: *shocked* A toy?!
Elliott Richard: nods
Mommy: What kind of toy?
Elliott Richard: Car.

There you have it! Now we know why Elliott Richard is so invested in the belly. He’s waiting for his really cool, new toy car to come out! lol