I’ve been cruising the net lately and I came across a blog written by a women while on bedrest. Okay, I’ve found two. Shannon is still on bed rest. Ashley also kept a blog while on bed rest but she’s since given birth. Ashley’s is so cute because each title is the Day of bed rest that she’s on. That doesn’t really work for me because I’ve been on “light-modified bed rest” for about 7 weeks. Now I’m moved to the more typical “modified bed rest”. The only step left is “strict bed rest”. For bed rest type definitions see below. Keep in mind these are the definitions as written for me by Dr. D and they may vary from case to case, doctor to doctor.

light-modified bed rest: brief trips out and about, no bending over, no
lifting, don’t carry anything “heavier than my dinner plate” (especially lifting
and carrying Elliott Richard), light chores (dishes, loading washer and dryer,
sweeping etc), limited stair use, unlimited shower and bathroom privileges,
rest as much as possible without being a couch-potato

modified bed rest:
limited trip out and about, still no bending, no
lifting, don’t carry anything “heavier than my dinner plate” (still includes
Elliot Richard), no chores (light or otherwise), stairs are permitted but
frowned upon, brief shower and bathroom privileges, rest as much as possible (preferably on my left side while drinking water)

strict bed rest: the couch/bed is your home, you have no life, you leave
the house only to go to the OB’s office, no stairs, forget about shower and
bathroom privileges, count your blessings if you aren’t in the hospital

I’ve been having a lot of cramping and contractions today. I’m having 3-4 contractions an hour. I’m supposed to call once I have 4-6 an hour, so I’m still okay for now. Which is a good thing since there’s about 3 inches of snow outside and we’re due to get 5-8 inches before all is said and done. Needless to say, somedays I can get up more than others. Today isn’t one of those days. I’ve been on the couch pretty much all day. It’s not helping much, except the cramps get worse when I get up and move around…as does the pressure. So here I shall stay, at least for the rest of the day.

Gavin is at my mother’s (Thanks Mom!) to spend the night – but realistically, he’ll probably be there until Sunday because of the snow. He’s excited about it and they have a huge hill for a front yard so at least he can go sledding. He’ll have a blast and we’ll get a brief break. It’s win, win for everyone. 😉