Not *that* kind of boot! lol

Rob started getting sick last night. And per usual Rob-style, he’s gone from fine to sick to near-death, all in under 24 hours. Yesterday morning he was fine. By bed time, he was sick. Now he’s near-death.

I’ve been trying to convince him for about an hour to go to our local statcare and he kept arguing that he’s only been sick for a day. My arguement is that A) this how his body operates, B) he has a 2 yr old at home, C) he has a high risk pregnant wife at home. Not to mention the fact that everyone knows this stuff operates this way!

He finally gave in and just left a few minutes ago. Hopefully they get him in and out in time to get his prescriptions filled before our pharmacy closes at 10pm.

Please pray that he is seen quickly so he can begin to recover quickly. Also please pray that Elliott Richard and I don’t get this because it could be bad news for either one of us.