That’s how I feel. I took a 2.5 hour nap yesterday and still went to bed at 10:00pm. And now I’ve got an ear ache and a sore throat. Blech.

I’ve been trying to make a list of the things I’d like to have accomplished before Tiny is born and/or I end up on bed rest. It feels like every time I write something down, I think of 5 more things to add. *sigh*

So far my list of Must Do items includes: get Elliott Richard’s room gutted, get Elliott Richard sleeping in his room, rewash all the baby stuff in baby safe soap, have all of the out-grown baby clothes packed up and stored in the attic, find a way to make life as easy and smooth as possible for everyone, go on a tour of the hospital’s new maternity/labor and delivery ward, have all of our contacts and case workers set up and established

And my list of Try to Do items includes: finish updating Gavin and Elliott Richard’s baby books, finish the cross stitch birth announcement for Tiny, gut the attic and sell everything that is just taking up space, keep up with my pregnancy calendars and journal, find a baby book and baby journal for Tiny

That’s all I can remember off the top of my head right now but those lists are still pretty long. I’ve already set up our tour of the hospital. I went for the earliest date I could get in case I do end up on bed rest, I want to have already seen the hosptial. Especially if I end up in the hospital, it would be nice to know where we are going. lol

I can’t believe that Elliott Richard is going to be 2 years old in less than 2 weeks! It’s crazy how quickly the time flies. He’s still cutting his last tooth, which is being incredibly stubborn at this point. I’m not sure what we will be doing for his birthday though. It can’t be anything that will get Gavin’s back up and honestly, everything seems to get his back up lately. It’s been suggested that we do nothing but that just seems wrong and unfair.

Today is Gavin’s first day home in a week. Last Monday I called my Mom sobbing because after all the days off of school, coupled with snow days and weekends our house had been non-stop. I was sick, again, and not getting any better. And we were all on edge and getting on each other’s nerves, so I asked her if she would take Gavin for a while. She took him Monday night after work and he came home last night after going grocery shopping with Grammy. Granted he came home for a few hours every day after school but for the most part he was with my parents. The break certainly helped but it feels like we barely just scratched the surface. Rob and I spent the whole week basically sleeping and trying to recoup, so we accomplished nothing. *sigh*

I keep trying to come up with ways to…peacefully co-exist, for lack of a better way to put it. But I keep falling short. I can’t help but feel that if I were just a little more organized and on top of things that everything would be better. I try, Lord knows I do but it goes against everything I am. I don’t know how to be organized. I can figure it out enough to set it up but when it comes time to implement it I just can’t seem to get my brain around it and make sense of it. There’s got to be a way though. I just haven’t found it yet. At least, I hope there’s a way and I just haven’t found it yet. *sigh*