Busy. Busy. Busy.

It feels like my phone has rang non-stop all day yesterday. A few phone calls were just personal in nature. However, one of the phone calls was from a nurse with my insurance agency. Apparently they’ve just figured out that I’m pregnant and wanted to offer their assistance. They’ve set me up with a case manager to act as my liaison for all of my needs and whatnot throughout the pregnancy. Which is going to help in more ways than one. My case worker will be able to help me with services we need. She’ll also be able to help me when the time comes for the blood thinners to start since it takes some special authorization to get them in the pre-filled syringes.

While I was talking to that first nurse she asked a bunch of questions about my previous pregnancies. So of course the topic of my preterm labor at 27 weeks with Elliott Richard came up, as well as all of my other complications throughout the pregnancy. So since I had preterm labor starting at 27 weeks and he born at 36 weeks, technically premature, that qualifies me for some certain things; which the nurse referred me for. The big thing at this point are weekly progesterone injections. There have been studies done that say that women with a history of preterm labor are 33% less likely to have preterm labor again if they receive these injections. On the one hand I’m excited because the way it works is that I’ll have a standing weekly appointment with a visiting nurse. She’ll come, take my vitals, check Tiny, listen to the heartbeat, assess me for signs of preterm labor and give me my injection.

I know that it will be very reassuring for me to have those weekly appointments. Just to have the opportunity to hear Tiny’s heartbeat once a week independently of my appointments with Dr. D. At the same time though, I’m still doing research and trying to figure out if there are side effects that would lead me to not have the injections. So far, I’ve found some posts about a higher risk of hypospadias. But since Tiny’s parts are all already formed it shouldn’t affect us.

I’ve called Dr. D to get their opinions just to be sure. Although he had to send the referral after my case worker sent him the suggestion that I might benefit from the injections. So I’m sure he’s okay with it. I just want to be sure. If he’s on board, then I just have to wait for my insurance to approve what they suggested (how’s that for slightly screwy? lol) and then set up my weekly dates with a needle and Tiny’s heartbeat. 🙂