I can’t believe that it’s only Tuesday. Oy. It seems so much later in the week.

Yesterday was insanity. I just tried to go to the grocery store. That’s it. And it all went downhill from there. Gavin was hyper and “stimming” (stimulating behaviors used for the purpose of self-soothing) the whole time. Then my debit card wouldn’t work so Rob had to bring me his and of course rather than suspending the transaction like he was supposed to, the manager voided the whole thing out. *sigh* So once I got back in the store with Rob’s debit card I had to wait while she rang up all $150 worth of groceries again. When she had finished the total was $6 cheaper than it was the first time. *head desk* So then we spent 10 minutes trying to figure out what was off. Finally the manager (different from the one who voided the transaction) said to just let me pay and go home.

Some where during all of the Elliott carrying, cart pushing, dashing back and forth after debit cards etc I twisted my right knee, which is weakened anyway from an old gymnastics injury. So now my right knee is swollen and killing me! I have a knee brace with steel re-inforcements on both sides of my knees, that of course I can’t find. *sigh*

Today has been pretty quiet. Elliott Richard and I had to have my car in to the Saturn dealership for repairs. Apparently there has been a recall of one of the belts and they need to replace it. While it’s in there Rob and I decided to have the oil changed as well. So now I’m home with my nifty Pontiac Grand Prix rental car waiting to pick Gavin up from school and then go get my car back.

I’m still sick too. I think I’m getting worse but I’m not bad enough that the Dr. D could actually do anything for me. It just sucks. I’m stuffed up, coughing (as if both lungs are threatening to come up), my whole body hurts (especially my chest from all this coughing) and I think I’m starting to get a fever because my eyes are starting to burn they way they do when I’m spiking a fever. (I haven’t taken my temp yet because the thermometer is upstairs and me and my bad knee are downstairs.) I just feel like poo.

It just feels like life is getting crazier by the day. So I have decided I would like off the roller coaster for a while. Please?