Here’s the little photogenic baby. He’s recently discovered that the camera loves him and he loves the camera! lol

Elliott's gift
Elliott Richard opening his gift at Gavin’s party

Elliott's Turn
Elliott Richard’s turn blowing out Gavin’s candles.

Elliott vs the Cake
Elliott Richard vs the cake

Chillin' with Grandma
Chillin’ with Grandma W.

Elliott hanging with Grandma
Hanging out with Grandma G.

Who loves the camera? Not, Elliott Richard! lol

Sitting on Daddy's shoulder
Sitting on Daddy’s shoulder – Elliott Richard’s favorite place to be.

I said NO MORE!
I said, NO MORE!!!!!

Lovin’ on the Daddy

Beep beep
I just want to beep your nose. SIT STILL!

It’s easier to beep Mommy’s nose when she’s holding me. She can’t get away! lol

Kissin' the nose

The push toy revival
The revival of the push toy…I don’t know what’s up with that grin. It’s seems to be the only one I can get out of him lately. lol