There are moments as a mother, when you are either reminded of where you fell painfully short or where you excelled without even realizing it. Unfortunately, it seems that the former happens far more than the latter. Yesterday was one of those rare moments when I was reminded of what I had done right, despite all of the stress and hiccups in our lives.

For Gavin’s birthday he was give two T-Rex models. One from Grandma and Grandpa W. The other from Grandma and Grandpa G. Both were horrible disasters. lol Last night we took them back to the store. The plan was for Gavin to pick up a game for the PS3. He didn’t get to do that because Toys R Us still has most games in their store marked at full price ($60) where as every other store has marked them down to ($30-40). (Can we say RIP OFF?) So Rob and Gavin wandered around Toys R Us for a half hour – 45 minutes while I sat in the car and Elliott Richard slept. Gavin looked at everything, including toys he knows he can’t have like guns and weapons.

Finally he decided on a movie…for me. He told Rob that I really love Harry Potter and I didn’t have “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” yet. He wanted to get it for me. Rob told him that it was his birthday money and he could spend it any way he wanted (within reason of course) and he didn’t need to get anything for me. Gavin told him, “No, Mommy really loves Harry Potter. I want to get it for her. I want her to have it.” (I’m crying as I write this.) So he used half of his money last night. He bought “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, a Mega Blocks movie (who knew they made movies with/about legos?!), a bag of Skittles for himself and a bag of fruit snacks for Elliott Richard.

There are days when I try and try and try to get through to him on ANY level and I just feel so inadequate. Then there are moments like this one, where for a moment in time we are able to catch a small glimpse of the True Gavin. The Gavin that could have been before Autism. The Gavin he is when the Autism doesn’t lock him away. There are moment when I question how wonderful a mother I really am. And then there are moments, like this one, where I realize that more of what I’ve tried to teach him has gotten through than I realized. He just can’t always show us all that he’s learned.