It saddened me to learn that Heath Ledger had passed away the other day. I once had a crush on him back in his “10 Things I Hate About You” days. But I was saddened most by the fact that he has a beautiful daughter, Matilda Rose 2 years. She will have to grow up without a father. Michelle Williams will have to raise her trying to remember him in every day things so that Matilda Rose can somehow know her father.

It is one of my greatest wishes that no children be without parents. Be they adoptive parents. Be they natural/biological parents. Be they a mix of biological and step. It doesn’t matter the mix. Every child deserves to be loved by two parents. If I were in a beauty pagent, and the question of “What do you wish for most?” were asked of me…I wouldn’t say “world peace”. Although that is an admirable choice. I woud wish for all children to know the love of a parent. I’ll even take that one step further, I wish all children could know the love of a GOOD parent. In my book, parents who beat, belittle and generally abuse their children do not deserve to have the miracle of children in their lives. Period. End of story.

Now you are probably asking yourself, what does this have to do with Heath Ledger and Religion? I’ll tell you. There is a group of parents who until now have been content to boycot the funerals and memorial services of sevicemen and women who have lost their lives so that these confused, self-centered and generally heartless people could have the right of Free Speech. I abhor these “people”. How do you dare to boycot the funeral/memorial of someone who gave his/her life so that you might be free? How do they work that out?

Well, these same people are choosing to exercize their Right to Free Speech at the memorial service for Heath Ledger because of the role he played in “Brokeback Mountain”. Apparently, in their topsy-turvy world playing a role well is grounds for boycot because they don’t agree with the livestyle of that *character*. I’m floored by that.

In my 27 years, there are a few things about religion that have tripped me up. I’ve always just felt that God is an awesome God. He is a loving, forgiving God of everyone.

And you know, I had this whole blog planned out about how my thoughts on religion have changed lately. How things just fall into place the way they were meant to. The problem is that I started this blog 5 days ago and I don’t remember that blog. I do remember how all this started…

On Christmas our family went to my parents house. While there I found a local newspaper article about a family from Michigan adopting a little boy who was born at 24 weeks gestation. I hardly ever read the paper. I read this one. I found the article, which listed her blog. It all started with that blog. Tiffany is so sure and comfortable with her spirituality and relationship with God. I couldn’t help but feel moved by it. Tiffany’s blog led to the Hummel’s blog, which led to other blogs. Then eventually Tiffany’s blog also led me to Nathan’s blog. And through Tiffany, I also found Gram. Whom I’ve come to love as a my own Gram. Her kind words always seem to arrive in my Inbox just when I need them most. Something I am continually greatful for. What really amazed and touched me was the fact that each blogger was just as sure and comfortable in their spirituality and relationship with God as the last. Each was going through their own trials and yet, each was still so secure in their faith.

Slowly over time, while reading all these blogs I’ve come to rediscover my own spirituality and relationship with God. I’ve come to pray again and often. The freedom and relief I’ve found in turning over to God what I, alone, cannot control is beyond words. I have Tiffany, Gram, the Hummels, Nathan, Tricia and tiny Gwyneth to thank for it all. Without that newspaper article…without the unconditional love of mother from across statelines…I might not have found the unconditional love and support of God again, just when I needed it most. Then again, I don’t know that that was an option. God puts the right people in our lives at just the right time.

Our God is an awesome God.