It’s official. I’ve got da funk. I think it’s because of everything that is going on right now. I’ve been sick for about a week. It started as a head cold that moved to my sinuses that is slowly migrating into my lungs. No matter where it resides it is wearing me out on top of normal pregnancy exhaustion. Add to that, the stress of my up coming ultrasound (T-minus 6 days) and a new legal snafu. It all adds up to my energy level being nill and a little black cloud called “Da Funk” hanging over my head.

And that is the extent of my blogging for now. Typing is even too exhausting at this point. *sigh*

By the way, funk aside I am 14 weeks pregnant today. I have my 13 weeks belly pictures to post. As soon as I can summon the energy to do so.