I have an appointment with Dr. D today at 1:50pm. It’s a follow-up after my ER visit on 12/30 but I’m also going to ask him about some other issues I’ve been having. Rob is going with me and he keeps telling me that he wouldn’t be surprised if I end up on bed rest starting today. I hate bed rest! With a passion. But at the same time, it would be nice to just get the bed rest started and be done with it. At least then I would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can do A, B, C and D but I have to avoid E, F, G and H. Ah well, I’ll take it as it comes…whatever “it” is.

Hopefully we’ll get to hear the baby’s heartbeat today! That would be really cool. I hope I haven’t gained any weight though because I’m going to fly through the pounds I’m allowed to gain once the bed rest starts. I’d like to save up all my weight gain for that time. 🙂 lol I’ve got some work to do before we take Elliott Richard to Grandma G’s house to hang out with Aunt Kate so I’ll just post my update after the appointment. I’ll try and remember to post my 11 weeks belly pictures too.