Well it’s officially 2008. I can’t believe how quickly the years are flying by. I hope everyone had a safe and fun new year. 🙂

I just wanted to post a quick blog about *the* dream last night. I had one about this time when I was pregnant with Elliott, too. I don’t remember all of Elliott’s dream only that we had decided to name him “Kiernan”, which is a Celtic boy’s name, and I never got to actually see him. Sure enough, he was a boy. Although we obviously didn’t name him Kiernan. 🙂

Last night I dreamt that Rob was wheeling me to the nursery and they checked my wrist band when we got to the nurses’ station for the baby’s name and matching numbers. I looked down and could clearly see that the name read “Tessa Diane” on my wrist band. Now there is honestly nothing about that name that I like, except maybe the “Tess” part but even that is iffy. It’s merely the fact that I dreamt the name but never got to see the baby, which is exactly how Elliott’s dream went too.

When I was pregnant with Gavin I never had this type of dream. In fact my dreams about Gavin were the polar opposite. I dreamt nearly every night for the first 3-4 months that Gavin was a beautiful little girl with dark brown curls all over her head. But never once did I know what the name was. I only ever got to see the baby. I think it will be interesting to see if my dreams work this time the way they worked with Elliott. 🙂 lol

I also vaguely remember dreaming about being on “Big Brother 7” (one of my all-time favorite reality TV shows) with the “Chilltown” alliance. I got to compete in the food competition but I don’t remember much else.