I have this sort of personal tradition with my pen & paper journals that at the end of every year I do a monthly play-by-play. Usually the play-by-play is full of stressful, crazy things. This year I found that it was pretty calm. I decided that while I had done this in my pen & paper journal, since this blog has become my main journal (out of necessity more than desire – I type MUCH FASTER than I can write) I would type it here as well. So here goes…

Gavin celebrated his 7th birthday with a semi-disastrous birthday party at McDonald’s.

The court battle between us, County CPS, and the “Them” finally has an end in sight.

Elliott Richard celebrated his 1st birthday with a small party at Grandma and Grandpa G’s.

Elliott Richard received his MMR vaccine on April 4th. A week later he broke out in a rash and began vomiting, which led to dehydration and a stay in the ER. First, the rash was measles. Then it was chicken pox. Then it was spinal meningitis. Elliott Richard ended up hospitalized for 24 hour observation to be sure. Never received a definitive answer. Gavin’s psychosis begins. Mini-family “feud” between me and my mom starts.

The 5 year anniversary of my Granny’s death. Court battle is officially over. Pattie, Gavin’s psychologist, has complete control over whether or not the visitation ever changes. Shelby joins the family. Gavin still in a psychotic state.

Gavin finished 1st grade. Elliott Richard is weaned from breastfeeding. At least we made it 15 months. 😦

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I turned 27 years old. My ex-husband, Nick, received his 2nd DUI. Pam and Nick voluntarily stop their visits because they didn’t like the fact that I had moved them to a better location for Gavin.

Rob turned 29 years old. My cousin Sam gave birth to her first child, Sofia Claire. While considering whether or not to send Gavin to an inpatient facility, we found out that Gavin was not psychotic but had had a psychotic break (aka nervous breakdown). Gavin started 2nd grade.
Rob and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on the 3rd. Wow, I can’t believe we’ve been married that long. My Uncle Jimmy Lee died on the 24th.

Rob and I thought Elliott Richard might be having seizures. After many doctor’s appointments and tests and a trip to the ER…we still don’t know what was going on but we know it wasn’t seizures. *whew!*

Elliott Richard made the big move to his new toddler bed. Rob and I learned how wonderful it was to have our bed to ourselves again. I found out that I’m pregnant again and we had our 1st ultrasound. 🙂

Gavin had his school program. We survived the holidays. And we survived another year!

Wow. This year felt so much busier than it looks when written out. Although I’m sure I forgot a lot of stuff that’s the basic gist of the past 365 days of our lives.

Please, please, please (yes, I’m begging.) don’t drink and drive! PLEASE.