I had my 2nd appointment with Dr. D yesterday. I’ve been having a nagging, sharp, stabbing pain in my left side above my hip. I figured it was stretching but I asked just to be sure. He said it couldn’t be ectopic so it was just stretching. But he wants me to stop bending over, seriously. I’m not allowed to bend over and tie my shoes…he wants me to get penny loafers for the duration of my pregnancy. We discussed bed rest and blood thinners. I was worried he was going to put me back on the blood thinners as a preemptive measure. Luckily, I’ve managed to avoid that particular Hell for now. Thank God! Luckily I fell in love with a paramedic, other wise I would have had to give myself the Heparin injections in my stomach. Thanks to Rob I was able to avoid stomach shots and have them in my arms instead. Guess I won’t be wearing any sleeveless maternity tops this summer. *sigh*