I can’t believe I’ll be 8 weeks tomorrow. Time sure flies and all that jazz. Here’s the run down of week 7.

I spent Friday afternoon and evening at my Mummy’s (I don’t know why but I’m in the mood to call her “mummy” rather than “mommy”. lol) baking cookies for our family cookie exchange. I made these chocolate cookies with a cherry piece and chocolate icing. They were very good, especially while they were still warm. My mom made some macadamia nut cookies. I didn’t try them so I assume they were delicious because that’s the only kind of cookie my Mummy makes. 🙂 After we made my cookies my Aunt Sharon, Grammy and cousin Sofia came over to visit. Sofia’s Mommy, Sammers, showed up a little while later. It was fun. I haven’t hung out with Sammers in a while. I didn’t realize how much I missed her. 😦 We had Taco Hell for dinner, which definitely hit the spot after my meds kicked in. Then my Auntie and Grammy took me home.

Mummy picked me up Saturday morning and we went to the Cookie Exchange. Every year the ladies in my family bake a bunch of cookies (this year it was 10 dozen) and get together for a fancy brunch, ornament exchange, gab-fest and cookie exchange. My Aunt Paula held it this year. She has got to be one of the fanciest, most sophisticated women I know! The food was good – once I got to eat it. Grammy knocked her drink over and I ended up covered! lol The ornament exchange was fun but pretty low-key, especially since we use the rules for “Dirty Santa” to play. I got a cute ornament of a little cherub, which is fitting since I’m pregnant with #3. Then some of us went shopping. We went to a local glass studio, which was over priced but very pretty. Plus you could watch the one lady making more stained glass creations. We ended up at a locally owned ‘hippy shop’, which is this cool little shop here in town. It’s a mix of hippyville, smoke shop, and all other things eclectic. I found a gift for Rob, which I can’t mention here because he reads this blog! (ha ha) I also bought myself a necklace of a Celtic Knot which means (and is supposed to bring about) Well-Being. It’s simple but it fits me perfectly. I love it! Here’s a picture:
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Aside from that, Mummy and Rob swear that I’m starting to show. I just feel fat at this point so I disagree. My Aunt Sharon says I’m “letting all hang out” so I’ll look pregnant. Sorry Auntie, but you’re crazy! What you see is what you get with me. I’m not a suck it in or stick it out kind of girl. lol

The morning sickness is still kicking my butt. I’m taking the medication my OB prescribed, which seems to help some but not completely. I made the mistake today of not taking it before I had lunch…something I’ll never do again. I was so sick when I finished eating. Theoretically there are only 5 weeks of this Hell left! Not that I’m counting or anything. lol